Fighting Back a Hellish Heat

There’s nothing worse than having a church full of hot people. They start waving their fans harder than ever before, and each minute that the minister is preaching his sermon slows down. It’s like baking inside of an oven. This happened in the middle of a sermon one day and I was so hot that I had to take off my jacket. It was a good thing I wore a shirt underneath my dress shirt, or I would have had sweat stains in my arm pits. I told the minister about a company that does HVAC maintenance in NYC after the church sermon was over. He was glad that I told him, because he wanted to find someone that could fix the air conditioner for a decent price.

The air conditioner in the church had been having problems for months, but miraculously it would always stay on during church service. The only time it would ever stop working is during the church’s off hours when barely anyone was there. During these times, the problem isn’t as bad because there aren’t enough people in the room to generate body heat. Even when the church choir is there for practice, they’re still able to work without getting too hot.

The company was able to fix the air conditioner and the next sermon it was running at full blast. I think someone cranked the thermostat down too low that day, because I was starting to have chills. I guess it’s better that way than to sweat like you’re in the pits of hell while wearing 100 wool sweaters. The minister told everyone that I recommended him the company that fixed the air conditioner and they all thanked me. I was hoping they would let me slide on the collection plate for that week, because my funds were a little tight.

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I Am Down in Bristol This Week

Of course I am here to see a client and a really important one. He is what you might call a whale I suppose, the sort of account that can make or break your year. I have not exactly been working all that hard to tell the complete truth about it. I spend the morning clay shooting in Bristol. It was like a scene from a movie to be honest. The guy had the traps set up on a formal lawn with all sorts of gardens surrounding it. Read more ›

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Vaping is Actually Much Nicer Than Smoking

When I proposed to my girlfriend, she told me she would become my wife with one condition. I had never heard of a marriage proposal that came with conditions, but I was game to hear what she wanted because of my love for her. She told me she did not want me to smoke, because of my own health as well as the second hand smoke that our future children would have to deal with. I had been smoking for years, but decided to look into tobacco liquid since she said that was an acceptable alternative.

There was no way I was going to let cigarettes cost me the woman of my dreams, but I also knew that I could not just quit cold turkey. I had tried that so many times before and failed. That is how we came up with the compromise of vaping. Read more ›

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We Need to All Recycle and Reuse

When my daughter told me that she wanted to educate me on recycling, I had to smile. I have raised her to be aware of her place in this world, and I was so happy that the life lessons I have instilled in her from the beginning were starting to manifest. She has always had a heart for the less fortunate, and she was able to get some great information on waste reduction and recycling that benefits not only those people but the general population as well. She was enthralled with everything she read about one company called VisionRe.

This company works in many different sectors. She was most interested in the food waste management at first, but the more she learned about this company, the more she understood about the general need to recycle and reuse as many things as possible. With food, she was only considering the fact that so much food was going into the landfills while there are people hungry or even starving right here in our own area. Read more ›

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My First Time for Clay Shooting

When my sister told me she was going to a clay shooting event as part of her company’s team building exercises, I had to laugh because I just could not picture my sister with a gun in her hands. Even when that picture was finally able to come into focus, I couldn’t see her enjoying this sport at all. I had no idea how this could be a team building exercise at all, but she proved my thinking wrong. Once she explained it all to me, I was just really happy that she had fun and was able to grow a stronger bond with some of her colleagues.

What really shocked me with all of this was when she told me she wanted me to go with her. Read more ›

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A Site to Buy Things from for My Horse

I knew that I had the most important horse riding equipment already, like the saddle and bridles. I still had to get some accessories though, which is why I went to the same website where I had purchased my horse riding boots. I had bought them nearly a month ago, and I have worn them every time I have gone out to ride, which is at least three or four times a week. The price was right, and the boots are so comfortable and durable. I had such a good experience in purchasing them that I knew I would be able to get my other accessories and equipment from there too.

The first thing I wanted to get is a massaging body brush. Read more ›

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I Am Giving Up Cigarettes

That is not to say that I have kicked the nicotine habit, sadly I am still a slave to the stuff. However I think that I have given up the worst part of the health hazards in cigarette smoke by switching to vaping kits that I bought off of this web site. The plan in the long term is to give the vaping kit up too, because obviously you do not want to be addicted to a vile substance. Nicotine is not safe, although I am pretty sure it is a lot safer than all of the obvious carcinogens like tar and such. They put all sorts of weird chemicals in cigarettes and not one of them has any business in a person’s lungs. Read more ›

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Planning for Corporate After Dinner Entertainment Can Be Hard

Entertaining CEOs and other executives can be a tough thing. Sometimes it is tough to hold the attention of Type A personalities to entertain them. They are busy people, and some have a hard time just relaxing to enjoy the moment. Now if you are tasked with setting up a dinner and corporate after dinner entertainment, this can be a huge responsibility. If you ask one executive what he or she would like for the after dinner entertainment, you will likely get an answer. It can vary from nothing to something really out there. If you ask a group of them, you will get different answers. However, I think the best approach to picking great entertainment for corporate events is to pick something that has been proven.

I took the time to ask the event places I was calling to find out how many large corporate events they do each year. Then I asked how many callbacks they get as well as referrals to other corporate events. That gave me an insight into the entertainment. Read more ›

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Gun Shopping Online with My Husband

My husband is a huge fan of guns. Our garage is filled with all different types. He has so many that I stopped counting after a while. I know that one area of his collection he is looking to expand is custom Airsoft guns. He first started collecting them a year ago when he saw them at a trade show. Since then, he’s casually been browsing the Internet, looking for his next big purchase. The other day I saw him on this website that had at least 20 different kinds to choose from. Personally, I don’t really know what makes one gun different from the next, but my husband is really into this kind of stuff. He’s an avid hunter, and he has been since he a young boy.

I heard him talking to one of his buddies about all of the accessories that he plans on buying. Read more ›

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Being Proactive About Crime in My Area

Crime never used to be a problem where I lived. If anything, some kids might cause a bit of ruckus, but it was really just pranks rather than anything serious. Times have changed though, so I figured I better change too. I used to love the fact that I could leave my front door unlocked for days or weeks and not worry about it, but those days are long gone. Now, I had to find the best CCTV installers in Leeds so I could get a camera system set up because crime has started getting a bit scary here. Read more ›

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