My First Time for Clay Shooting

When my sister told me she was going to a clay shooting event as part of her company’s team building exercises, I had to laugh because I just could not picture my sister with a gun in her hands. Even when that picture was finally able to come into focus, I couldn’t see her enjoying this sport at all. I had no idea how this could be a team building exercise at all, but she proved my thinking wrong. Once she explained it all to me, I was just really happy that she had fun and was able to grow a stronger bond with some of her colleagues.

What really shocked me with all of this was when she told me she wanted me to go with her. Read more ›

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Fighting Back a Hellish Heat

There’s nothing worse than having a church full of hot people. They start waving their fans harder than ever before, and each minute that the minister is preaching his sermon slows down. It’s like baking inside of an oven. This happened in the middle of a sermon one day and I was so hot that I had to take off my jacket. It was a good thing I wore a shirt underneath my dress shirt, or I would have had sweat stains in my arm pits. I told the minister about a company that does HVAC maintenance in NYC after the church sermon was over. He was glad that I told him, because he wanted to find someone that could fix the air conditioner for a decent price.

The air conditioner in the church had been having problems for months, but miraculously it would always stay on during church service. The only time it would ever stop working is during the church’s off hours when barely anyone was there. During these times, the problem isn’t as bad because there aren’t enough people in the room to generate body heat. Even when the church choir is there for practice, they’re still able to work without getting too hot.

The company was able to fix the air conditioner and the next sermon it was running at full blast. I think someone cranked the thermostat down too low that day, because I was starting to have chills. I guess it’s better that way than to sweat like you’re in the pits of hell while wearing 100 wool sweaters. The minister told everyone that I recommended him the company that fixed the air conditioner and they all thanked me. I was hoping they would let me slide on the collection plate for that week, because my funds were a little tight.

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A Site to Buy Things from for My Horse

I knew that I had the most important horse riding equipment already, like the saddle and bridles. I still had to get some accessories though, which is why I went to the same website where I had purchased my horse riding boots. I had bought them nearly a month ago, and I have worn them every time I have gone out to ride, which is at least three or four times a week. The price was right, and the boots are so comfortable and durable. I had such a good experience in purchasing them that I knew I would be able to get my other accessories and equipment from there too.

The first thing I wanted to get is a massaging body brush. Read more ›

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Planning for Corporate After Dinner Entertainment Can Be Hard

Entertaining CEOs and other executives can be a tough thing. Sometimes it is tough to hold the attention of Type A personalities to entertain them. They are busy people, and some have a hard time just relaxing to enjoy the moment. Now if you are tasked with setting up a dinner and corporate after dinner entertainment, this can be a huge responsibility. If you ask one executive what he or she would like for the after dinner entertainment, you will likely get an answer. It can vary from nothing to something really out there. If you ask a group of them, you will get different answers. However, I think the best approach to picking great entertainment for corporate events is to pick something that has been proven.

I took the time to ask the event places I was calling to find out how many large corporate events they do each year. Then I asked how many callbacks they get as well as referrals to other corporate events. That gave me an insight into the entertainment. Read more ›

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Gun Shopping Online with My Husband

My husband is a huge fan of guns. Our garage is filled with all different types. He has so many that I stopped counting after a while. I know that one area of his collection he is looking to expand is custom Airsoft guns. He first started collecting them a year ago when he saw them at a trade show. Since then, he’s casually been browsing the Internet, looking for his next big purchase. The other day I saw him on this website that had at least 20 different kinds to choose from. Personally, I don’t really know what makes one gun different from the next, but my husband is really into this kind of stuff. He’s an avid hunter, and he has been since he a young boy.

I heard him talking to one of his buddies about all of the accessories that he plans on buying. Read more ›

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I Am Giving Up Cigarettes

That is not to say that I have kicked the nicotine habit, sadly I am still a slave to the stuff. However I think that I have given up the worst part of the health hazards in cigarette smoke by switching to vaping kits that I bought off of this web site. The plan in the long term is to give the vaping kit up too, because obviously you do not want to be addicted to a vile substance. Nicotine is not safe, although I am pretty sure it is a lot safer than all of the obvious carcinogens like tar and such. They put all sorts of weird chemicals in cigarettes and not one of them has any business in a person’s lungs. Read more ›

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Being Proactive About Crime in My Area

Crime never used to be a problem where I lived. If anything, some kids might cause a bit of ruckus, but it was really just pranks rather than anything serious. Times have changed though, so I figured I better change too. I used to love the fact that I could leave my front door unlocked for days or weeks and not worry about it, but those days are long gone. Now, I had to find the best CCTV installers in Leeds so I could get a camera system set up because crime has started getting a bit scary here. Read more ›

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Fhopepack to be a professional orbital stretch wrapper supplier

Fhopepack are respected manufacturer of a automatic packaging solution provider in Stacking And Wrapping Machines. Our variety mostly contains Automatic Aluminum Packaging device, orbital Stretch wrapper, coil wrapping device, pack loading series, coiling machine, Automatic pipe product packaging Equipment, bagging and bundling Equipment, Multi Brain Packing Techniques, Attach Conveyors and so forth. All our items are designed and developed according to the client’s requirements. This equipment is robust in building as well as simple to put in. These machines can easily provide weighing, stretch wrapping and sealing options.

Stretch Wrapper
Fhopepack gives consumers with strapping equipment for automated product packaging options, which is performance equipment with a wide of applications and package deal designs. We style our automated strapping machine options along with your particular, design, application. Our equipment is basic safety and trustworthy, and enhance efficiency and minimize the complete price. Our specialist crew focuses on high-speed dealing with techniques attached to your creation line, including metallic coil, metallic pallet, tube, wooden and sheet… Our auto strapping product packaging methods are adaptable and will different varieties of strapping and dealing with. Besides, it is possible to connection with our technicians to learn more how our auto strapping machine work with your wrapping methods to get your aim.

You can find adhering to packing program presented from Fhopepack in CD along with machine delivery

Wrapping SYSTEMS offer supreme variety of high speed pallet Packaging Techniques, that are applicable for various types of supplies. They are the very flexible stretch wrapping and Packing Systems readily available in the business. We provide you with these in selection of stainless steel to ensure they are given exceptional overall performance above long periods.

Fhopepack producing center contains semi-computerized production facial lines, which, right up until lately, terminated having a manual palletizing procedure. One high-quantity line produces, amongst other things, custom made color caulk in pipes for ceramic tile backsplashes and grout; another line produces spackling and sealants in pint-measured cans to gallon-size pails. Earlier ,Palletizer employed staff who stood two and 3 serious in the end in the collection positioning and lifting boxes of item evaluating approximately around 30kg on pallets. Workers would turn around the lines to give the other person an escape. One would palletize, while the other fed the assembly line package erector. Every line would operate 2 times, 10-hr changes each day for several days and nights.

The small foundation and thin-arm design and style of the MPL80 II robot is ideally best for bare minimum floor-area set up specifications. Its approximately 11-ft get to enables palletizing plenty approximately 95 in. high. The robot is equipped with a pneumatic, multi-zone vacuum glass-type gripper construction, comprising four pneumatic areas, for steady product retaining.

The FHOPE-E offers a PLC step ladder-centered programming approach. It permits charge of robots and peripheral gear in a solitary regulates atmosphere like Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC. No special coding vocabulary or controller is necessary. Its simplified controls and hardware architecture gets rid of obsolete interfaces.

Pallet stretch wrapper enables traditional technology of pallet patterns and permits quick integration and development of robotic palletizing techniques. According to testing, its intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to configure cell parameters and features a step-by-step process to generate pallet packaging.

Pallet stretch out wrapper has a powerful computer software device which almost all instruction and packaging involved and it requires no training staff in PLC or robots operation for the client.


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5 LED Lighting Brands You Should Pay Attention to

No matter who you are: a big company, an e-store or a simple user, time after time you deal with lighting products. The market now is overwhelmed with various brands and models. Some are good, some are not. Here is a short list of brands that are worth buying as their quality is on top.



There is no person who hasn’t ever heard about Philips. The company produces consumer electronics from shavers to Smart TVs. LED lamps are also among their products. Phillips LEDs are available in various model ranges and all of them are high-quality. (Except, maybe, the cheapest ones). Aside from lamps they offer Philips Hue – their smart lighting system.

The canary in a coal mine is the frequency with which the news about Phillips selling the stakes of lighting business appear in press. The company claims that they want to focus on their healthcare projects. That may lead to LED’s quality decrease in future. But as people say: “Tomorrow is a mystery”. Today their products are good and widely available.


This German company is also among top-sellers. Unlike Philips, lighting is their specialization. They offer both single light bulbs and lighting systems. They have LED solutions for most of popular applications such as general lighting, automobiles, backlighting, etc. Their lamps are divided into professional and consumer lines. Both are quite good.


Jooby is a led lamp manufacturer, created by Ukrainian company Infomir. Because of their young age the product range is still quite small, but the quality of products exceeds analogs from the same price tier. Lamps have prolonged lifetime and the best among these 5 brands energy consumption rate and luminous efficacy.  That makes Jooby one of the most cost-efficient solutions. The manufacturer stats that their lamp’s properties exceed A++ class requirements.


This old American conglomerate produces locomotives, aero-engines, medical devices and many other products which granted them a position in Forbes and Financial times ratings. Lighting looks a little bit aside from such an impressive product list. But their LED solutions are the same good. You may try them in one of GE showrooms.


The company offers variety of luminaries and fixtures both for interior and exterior lighting. Their website allows to walk along their virtual showroom and to see how they look when turned on. Another benefit is that you can track your order delivery as they cooperate with UPS.

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Surface Mount v Through Hole – Key Differences

Over the years, technology has improved dramatically and, as a result, the demand for smaller and lighter components has increased. With this in mind, we have seen the introduction of surface mount technology (SMT) which is similar to plated through hole components when it comes to their function but vary greatly in size. Thanks to a smaller size, surface mount components (SMC) offer a better electrical performance. One of the key benefits of SMCs is that no hole is required for mounting the component as they can be placed directly onto the printed circuit board (PCB). SMCs boast little circular at the bottom and offer different shape leads; they can also be soldered onto track side.


If the size of a particular device is a major concern, SMD devices are placed onto multi-layer PCB and can also be placed onto devices regardless of whether it uses SMC or through hole. Ultimately, it all comes down to the requirements of the individual as to whether one is used over the other as beginners may choose to solder the through hole rather than go for SMCs. On the other hand, SMCs are more efficient for multi-layer devices.

All in all, there are some key differences between surface mount technology and through hole;

  • Firstly, the pin count found in SMT is far greater than that in through hole; this can be seen in today’s computers with FPGA, PGA, etc.
  • SMCs are a lot smaller and therefore take up less space when compared to through hole. In fact, the difference in size is quite noticeable.
  • In SMT, the pads found on the surface aren’t used for connection of layers on PCBs.
  • As the name suggests, through hole components have to be drilled into the device whereas SMCs can be directly mounted onto the surface of the board.
  • SMT is cheaper and can save businesses significant amounts of money when ordering in bulk.
  • With SMT, both sides of the board can be mounted whereas through hole only allows for one side. Thanks to this, SMCc have made applications that are simply impossible with through hole.
  • Because the size of through hole is larger, the PCB has to be larger as a result which moves away from where the general market trend seems to be taking us.
  • On the other hand, SMCs offer higher performance in a much smaller size which is exactly what the industry seems to be heading towards.
  • With SMC, the soldering process is tough if done manually so it normally requires an initial investment for machinery.
  • Compared to through hole PCB assembly, the SMC process is more advanced and therefore needs training and technology to work efficiently.
  • Replacing through hole components is easy because soldering is simple, the same cannot be said for SMT.

As you can see, there are benefits and drawbacks to both and all of these need to be considered before you go ahead and choose!

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