Common workstation injuries and how to risk assess your workstations properly

As an employer you will no doubt want to do everything you can to create a healthy and safe environment for your workers. In some working environments the risks and hazards are more obvious, whereas in others they may not be.


For example the use of workstations, can pose a number of risks to staff if not used correctly, so ensuring workstations are properly risk assessed is vital to avoid some of the most common workstation injuries, whether it’s for an office desk job or manual handling workstations.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

The HSE has a section dedicated to risk assessments for Musculoskeletal Disorders, which is a condition that is associated with some of the most common workstation injuries. A Musculoskeletal Disorder affects the musculoskeletal system that makes the body move.

However, MSD’s can occur when a particular strain is put on one specific area within the musculoskeletal system that causes it to be stretched and strained, which can result in pain and discomfort.

In the case of workstation injuries, this tends to be problems with the back, shoulders, arms, neck and hands. They’re common in workstation use as most workstations tend to involve sitting, twisting, stretching and the use of computers that can result in poor posture and muscle strains. The injuries may not be noticeable at first, but over time can develop into more serious MSDs.

These types of injuries include repetitive strain injuries such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as back and neck pain and posture problems that can be the result of using a workstation incorrectly.

The importance of risk assessing workstations properly

It’s the occurrence of MSD’s that make it incredibly important to risk assess workstations properly. For example, in office environments, training staff on the correct way to use their workstation with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) can help to reduce the strain put on muscles, ligaments and joints. When it comes to conducting a risk assessment of workstations, it’s important to consider the following:

The position and layout of the workstation – to reduce the strain on the body, computers or equipment should be positioned straight so the body isn’t being twisted to reach it.

Assess reachability – Ensuring equipment is the correct reach will reduce strain on the shoulders, back, neck and arms. If workstations are used for manual handling, such as checkouts or packing, making sure items are within easy reach will reduce strain.

Implement procedures – To ensure best practice you should also implement procedures to minimise strain put on the body such as giving them the capability to easily move and navigate along the workstation.

Worker capability – As part of any risk assessment you also need to factor in worker capability. If they have a known injury or reduced capability to carry out the work then measures should be put in place to they are working within the realms of the capabilities.

Added support – You can also provide additional support for wrists, arms and backs with the right office furniture and specialist equipment such as wrist supports for keyboard and mouse usage.

As with any risk assessment, you not only need to identify the risks, but also implement health and safety systems to control them, which should also involve training staff in the proper use of workstations.



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An Introduction to Trade Show Displays

Companies regularly attend shows that allow them to exhibit their products, solutions and services. Those firms that are able to graphically represent themselves using eye-catching images and slogans have an advantage in getting their message across verses those that do not. These displays can come in a variety of different sizes and materials. A recent trend is to use metals as well as fabrics and laminates to create a “custom modular hybrid display”. Newer displays are engineered to optimize on the time it takes to set the display up and dismantle it again. Eco-friendly displays can be made from bamboo and other natural woods.


Types of Display

Some of the most common types of display include:

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are portable exhibition displays that have been created to carry an eye-catching graphic which is supported in a standing frome. They are usually portable (can have roll-up graphics), are lightweight and can come with removable lights and graphics.

Table Covers

A Table cover is designed to be draped over the top of a display table and thereby create a unique-look branding opportunity. Rather than use a plain, bland and neutral cover, it can make sense to make the most of the available canvas and captialize with a custom table cover that stands out from the competition.

Pop-up Displays

Pop-up Displays (which are also sometimes known as a “portable” or “pull-up” display) are as easy option portable display giving a maximum display area. They use a flexible graphic panel and are attached to a spring-loaded roller which stores the graphic while it is not in use. Pop-up displays are again usually very lightweight for easy transportation, set up and dismantle.

Hanging Signs

Suspended above a trade show display, these command attention and can be spotted from across the show floor pulling people in from all directions at a trade show or event

Truss Displays

Truss Displays are one of the highest quality and modern trade show display systems you can buy. They convey a high level of professionalism that are known for superior stength and high quality construction. They are usually built using aluminum or steel and can be customised to come in many different shapes and sizes.

Why Portability is Important?

When considering what type of trade show display to buy, its important keep portability high high on the agenda. The reason for this is, portable displays are generally easy to set up, simpler to transport and cheaper than larger display stands tend to be. This means that overall they are easier to transport. As well as saving time and money, they are also easier to work with!

Buying your Trade Show Display

As well as taking all the above points into consideration, consider buying from someone who has been in the business for a while such as Exhibe Portable. A company such as this offers a warranty so that if something goes wrong you can have your defective product replaced. Test out customer service before buying and ensure you that you are happy the seller will stand over their products and support you through your purchase and initial setup.

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Moving Office?

Have You Risk Assessed It?

It may not be your first thought. In some ways, moving office is like moving home – it can mean that as a business and a company, you are growing, expanding and evolving. And this means new premises!


In this excitement, however, some of the basic safety needs of such a move may be overlooked. Team spirit may be riding high, with sleeves rolled up, skips ordered and boxes ready to be packed. But, as an employer you are still responsible for the health and safety of your employees both on your new and current premises.

Therefore, it is essential you risk assess the office move. And here are our top five tips…

#1 Consider a professional moving company

It may seem like a huge expense but using a professional moving company, especially one specialising in office and business relocations, means that the bulk of the risk assessment is carried out by them. From the use of their trained staff, to their moving equipment, this takes a lot of responsibility off of your shoulders. Well worth considering, we think!

#2 Manual lifting, trips and falls

Of all the risks and hazards that present themselves with an office move, is employees hurting themselves when they lift or move heavy or awkward items. Tripping and slipping are also major hazards.

Your team will need to be talked through every aspect of the move and should also be trained in manual handling. This means understanding how to lift things and being aware of their back and knee position.

Heavy items should also be clearly identified so that people know it is a two-person lift etc.

#3 Using the right equipment

From trolleys to risk stickers, to correct cutting equipment and tape ensuring that your employees have all the necessary equipment is paramount.

Moving office space is an involved and complex process, and one that must be thought through from beginning to end. As well as making sure that employees know how to lift correctly, you also need to provide them with the right equipment to do the job.

This is often overlooked until the day, with one pair of scissors that keep getting lost and running out of tape in the first hour of packing!

#4 Assess the new premises

Your new premises may be perfect – they are just right to accommodate your expanding business. It is in a prime location, a great place for business and employees.

However, within this perfection will be a few risks and hazards and these need to be identified, assessed and remedied, as far as is possible. Employees need to be made aware of these risks and hazards and what should be done in the event of an accident and so on.

#5 First Aid

From cut fingers to twisted knees, there are all kinds of injuries that can result on moving day thus, having a qualified first aider with the appropriate equipment at each site is essential.

With so much to think about, are you confident in your risk assessment of moving day?


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Working as an Assistant Office Administrator

Office administrators are essentially responsible for keeping the office environment moving in the right direction. They will liaise with various different departments to ensure communication is streamlined, motivate employees, and generally make sure the goals of the company are being met.

Office Administrator

Entering the Business

Entering the business can be tricky if you don’t have previous experience in the industry or any formal qualifications. Taking a course in office administration is the best way to get your foot in the door. If you’re based in the UK and want a job in the city, there’s no better place than London. As a global city and the epicentre of European trade, there are plenty of businesses in the capital constantly on the search for good office administrators.

Networking and Building Contacts

Like many jobs in the business sector, employment more often than bot comes from recommendation. Whether you’re already inside the work environment or actively seeking employment, always remain on the lookout for job offers and contacts. In the world of office administration you never know who could be listening. Get some business cards printed and hand them around, or at the very least, keep them in your wallet so you can build bridges if you meet people on the fly.

Undertaking Courses

Office administration courses will provide you with the grounding you need to move into the industry. While having a degree in business, accounting or an other related industry will help, it is not required. In fact, experience is far greater an asset. Doing a specific office administration course will give you both practical and theoretical experience in the business, making you a more attractive prospect in the interview.

If you decide to go down this route, make sure you choose a CDP accredited course. These qualifications are nationally recognized and will ensure you can seek employment anywhere in the country. For a reputable company, choose Souters. Their administrative assistant courses in London are highly regarded and have help hundreds of people find employment throughout the UK.

Your First Job

When you first start in the business you will probably have to slowly move up the ranks. Unless you have a lot of experience in business you will most likely have to enter as an assistant, and then work up the promotional chain over time. Most higher level office administrator jobs are source in-house, meaning good performance will be rewarded. To find your first job look for entry level positions on the Internet, in the Job Centre and by using traditional methods of job searching. To boost your chances, you could even approach companies that aren’t advertising with your CV.

Going Further

Nobody wants to stay as an assistant office administrator forever. When you get your break you should be striving for higher positions as soon as possible – you never know when they’ll be available. In order to move further and faster, keep building on your existing skills. Accounting, salesmanship, business management, human resources and other related disciplines will help you move beyond entry level positions.

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Common Ailments at Work – and How to Fix Them!

The workplace has come a long way in terms of safety since Victorian times and yet; there are still some common ailments that can plague your workforce. The good news is that these common ailments can be fixed by employers recognising them, what contributes to or triggers them and how action can be taken to prevent or decreases instances of staff illness.


But what are the most common work ailments?

1 Workplace stress

Stress is triggered by different things in different people. What one person can cope with, another cannot. This makes it difficult to have a blanket-approach to dealing with workplace stress.

But it is a problem that must be dealt with. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), for every 100,000 workers in the UK, 1380 workers noted workplace stress was unacceptable. With 9.9 million working days lost to stress, it is a frighteningly common ailment that must be addresses.

The solution?

From staff appraisal to staff rewards schemes, there are all kinds of solutions to making a workplace a less stressful place. It takes time but the first step is recognising that stress is very real.

2 Bad backs

Bad backs are a common ailment in many industries, and not just those sectors we associate with physical work such as the caring profession.

There are all kinds of reasons why a bad back can be triggered in the workplace, including:

  • Poor posture at work stations – from office chairs that are not the right height, to desks and so on being too low or too high, the equipment used in a workplace can often exacerbate conditions relating to poor posture. Creating bespoke workstations, with ergonomic furniture and chairs is simply essential.
  • Lifting. – when a job role involves manual lifting, there are several flashpoints at which someone could hurt themselves or aggravate an old injury. Manual handling training is simply essential in such cases, with industry and sector-specific courses available.

3 Repetitive strain injury or RSI

RSI is when the joints and muscles in a certain part of the body become over-used in the same position or by performing the same action over and over again. It can affect any part of the body but the wrists, elbows and knees are commonly affected.

But RSI is not a new phenomenon. ‘Housemaid’s knee’ for example, and ‘tennis elbow’ are just two RSI type injuries that have been around for centuries.

The solution?

Providing plenty of break opportunities to as well as promoting good work practices. Being aware of what could potentially cause muscle or joint strain is also an essential responsibility of an employer.

Health and safety protects – it does not hinder

Many people often deride health and safety as holding a work place and employees back from doing their job. It is, however, an essential feature in the landscape of any business and providing you have the right equipment and outlook, your workplace will be a safe place to work.


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Explainer Video Company – How to Make Explainer Videos on a Budget

Explainer videos are very effective once done by a good explainer company. However, not all consider hiring an explainer video company because of the cost. But, what you should know is that there’s always a way to make explainer videos on a budget.

Movie Play Slate

Explainer videos are trending at present because these enable you to deliver a big amount of details in a bite sized format. Everyone appreciates watching videos because these save time and get better understanding of what you are offering them. But, explainer videos work if they are done right. Poorly designed explainer videos have adverse effects, which leave the viewer turned off and confused.

Nowadays, there are numerous explainer video companies and all of them want to make the best videos for you. Some of them are good as well, yet others can be quite expensive. But, if you want to enjoy savings, you can consider these following tips to get an explainer video without breaking the bank:

  • Be Your Very Own Project Manager

If you want to save some money, the first thing that you need to do is to be your very own project manager. Being a project manager requires you to do project research, handle scripts, voiceover recording, storyboarding and style frames, sound design, marketing, publishing, and video production. Sometimes, a company asks for a high fee because they handle all the processes involved in making explainer videos.

  • Choose the Right Explainer Video Company

One of the factors that affect the cost of explainer videos is the explainer video company. You have to take note that not all explainer video companies are the same and some of them offer expensive and affordable rates. There are also companies that offer budget-friendly services while guaranteeing you quality. So, always be wise when picking a explainer video company.

  • Make Your Own Scripts

In some cases, script writing can also be ad additional cost. So, if you will write your own script, this can help you save money. When writing scripts, make sure that it is unique. For explainer videos to go viral, its script must give a moral lesson to viewers and you can do it in a fun way. But, if you don’t have time and wish to hire someone to write it, this can be your choice.

  • Make Your Explainer Videos Simple

If you want to spend less money as possible, you should make your animated explainer videos simple. If your explainer video is very detailed and features something that will cost you more, expect that you will pay a big amount of money. But, if your explainer video is simple yet compact, you can be sure that your explainer video will help you stay within your budget.

By considering all of those tips above, you won’t need to worry about your budget when it comes to hiring an explainer video company and creating explainer videos for your business, services or products.

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5 essential Health and Safety products all shops should carry

If you work in retail there are inevitably going to be different risks involved in comparison to other sectors like construction or the health sector. However that doesn’t mean these risks aren’t viable and shouldn’t be accounted for, as lapses in health and safety can easily lead to incidents within the workplace involving employees, as well as the general public.


To ensure you’re well prepared from a health and safety point of view, you should always carry out regular risk assessments and of course put preventative measures in place to ensure the risks are reduced or eliminated entirely. Part of this should involve equipping your shop with some essential health and safety products, so here’s 5 must have items that all shops should carry.

First Aid Kits

Accidents in the workplace are pretty much inevitable, despite the best due diligence. But whether it’s a sprained ankle, cut finger or something more severe, you should always ensure there is a well-stocked, HSE compliant first aid kit in your retail space. This should also involve ensuring it contains the right kind of first aid equipment to deal with retail related injuries and that there sufficient supplies for the number of employees you have in your shop. Furthermore, training on how to use and apply basic first aid should also be given to staff members.

Fire Safety Equipment

Following on from first aid, you also need to ensure your shop is carrying sufficient fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. They should be strategically placed in easily accessible areas, or areas where fire risks are higher. You should also make sure staff are trained on the use of fire safety equipment and that they’re appropriate for use on the most probable types of fire that may occur in retail environments. For example, water based fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used on electrical fires or chip pan fires.

Safety Signage

One of the most common retail related injuries comes from trips, slips and falls, which can be with staff and the general public. This is why ensuring you have safety signs throughout your establishment will help to identify risks such as wet floors, low ceilings and steps that could cause someone to slip or trip over.

Personal Hygiene Products

With many retail workers coming into close contact with lots of people, it’s essential to make sure they have access to essential personal hygiene products, which include hand sanitiser and ant-bacterial soaps. This is of particular importance in catering establishments where food preparation and handling takes place.

Cleaning equipment

Following on from personal hygiene, as a retailer it’s also important to maintain good hygiene standards within your shop premises too. So investing in the right cleaning equipment, such as colour coded mops and buckets for use in specific areas, as well as appropriate cleaning detergents will ensure areas stay sanitary and the risks of cross contamination is reduced.

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The Strangest Health and Safety Cases Around

Health and safety is everywhere, and whilst some people feel it can be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to doing their jobs, it’s important to remember the reason it’s there – to keep you and others around you safe and healthy.


These health and safety laws and regulations can lead to some rather unusual cases and incidents occurring. So we’re taking a look at some of the strangest health and safety cases around, to demonstrate the importance of implementing health and safety legislation and ensuring your business is compliant, from first aid kits to pest control.

Tiger Tragedy

Earlier this month, South Lakes Safari Zoo pleaded guilty to contravening health and safety, and received a fine for £300,000 after they failed to ensure safety in the big cat enclosures, which tragically resulted in the death of one of their zoo keepers back in 2013.

Whilst feeding the tigers in the keeper’s corridor, a door-closing mechanism failed, which meant a tiger was able to get into the feeding area and fatally attack the zoo-keeper. With the sole-director of the zoo pleading guilty, he openly admitted that the tragic events that lead to the young zoo keeper’s death, were foreseeable and avoidable.

It’s these types of unusual cases that really show how important health and safety is at all times. A small lapse of attention, judgement or an equipment failure can easily cause serious injury or worse.

A Royal Mess Up

Another interesting case relating to health and safety is a blunder by Prince Charles’ food brand, Duchy Organic, sold by Waitrose. The company have had to withdraw batches of their vegetarian Spiced Carrot and Parsnip soup due to a potential health and safety risk. Having been filled with the wrong soup, which was in fact a chicken and spelt broth, the pots were seen as a risk to the general public as they could cause a possible allergic reaction, as well as give any vegetarians a meaty surprise.

It seems that the batches have now been safely removed, but it just goes to show what potential harm an honest mistake like this can make.

Hospital Blunder with an unusual promise

To round off the strange cases, this one has got to be a rather unprecedented reaction to a very tragic failure in health and safety at a hospital in the US. Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Washington has agreed a $20 million dollar settlement with a former patient who was left paralysed after doctors failed to treat a back fracture appropriately. In an unusual twist to this story, August de los Reyes, the patient left paralysed has begun to put together a case study, working with the hospital to identify where the failings were and to find a possible solution to prevent any future incidents.

It’s incredible that someone can see beyond the injury and life-changing condition he’s now living with, to look to help and improve the system for the future.


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Online Business in Singapore | Respect the Law

All traders must take into account the requirements set out in specific legislation relating to the protection of consumer rights.


Law Unfair Contract Terms Act (UCTA), which regulates the exclusions and limitations of liability in most consumer and standard contracts. This law does not apply to international agreements if one party is outside Singapore.

Law of The Sale of Goods Act (SOGA), which regulates the sale and purchase agreement in Singapore. In accordance with the SOGA, any contract for the sale must meet certain requirements. For example, the goods must be of satisfactory quality and description of the goods must conform to reality. If the product does not meet the requirements, then in accordance with the SOGA, the buyer may reject the goods and terminate the contract or demand compensation for damages.

If the website contains invalid treaty obligations that affect the decision-making process by the buyer and it confuses the buyer, then the trader may be held liable in accordance with the Misrepresentation Act.

Protection and security of digital data in Singapore

Law Computers Misuse Act protects computers, computer software and digital information from unauthorized access, alteration and interception.

Privacy and protection of personal information in Singapore. If you do e-commerce, you will be available for personal and confidential information about your customers, and you need to ensure the protection of this information from unauthorized disclosure. For this may be provided such control measure as corporate firewall audit system and data encryption technologies.

Secure credit card payments in Singapore. In order to ensure the security of credit card payments, in most cases is used encryption technology that encodes the information before it goes to Internet. This reduces the likelihood of fraud, because the data is not transmitted to the merchant directly and remain encrypted. You as a supplier of online services should protect any credit card information of your customer.

In the context of law and business important thing to mention is obtaining a visa. If you are foreigner you need to obtain visa. The simplest way will be contacting visa agency. They will explain to you all the procedure and will help with all the documents. Here we can note that for business most popular visas are EntrePass and Employment Visa.

Protection of intellectual property in cyberspace

The ease with which pictures, information and data can be transmitted over the Internet has created the need to protect intellectual property rights in cyberspace. The copyright and trademark laws are particularly important in the e-commerce.

The Copyright Act of Singapore

Copyright in Singapore are protected under the law Copyright Act, the law is applicable to creative works (literary works, computer programs, games, music and pictures). The Copyright Act also is extended to works that are transmitted over the Internet. Authors fall under the protection of the law after they create and express their work in material form. Copyright may be transferred to another person by means of the license holder. In Internet authors are protected from making digital copies of their works. Singapore also provides protection to foreign works. The country is a party to such a convention as the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention, the Madrid Protocol, etc. Violation of copyright will be prosecuted by law.

Trademark Law Singapore

Registration of trademarks under the law of Singapore Trademark Act is valid only in Singapore. For trademark rights and protection in other countries, you need to register a trade mark in those countries, or to apply for international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol. Anyone who copies a trademark or using a similar trademark violates the law.

As owner of an online business you need to be very careful when you use meta-tags, because there is a risk of violation of trademark law. Meta tags are keywords that are embedded in the code of web pages. Considering that meta-tags are invisible to the user, some site owners may include in the tag title famous brands and trade names, and users will be directed to their site and not to the site of the trademark owner. In that case, the trademark owner can act in accordance with the laws of Singapore regarding the protection of the brand.

You also need to be very careful when choosing a domain name. It is essential as soon as possible to register your trademark or brand name, and as soon as possible make sure that you do not copy someone else’s trademark. Also, as soon you register your trademark, it will be less likely to face the cyber-squatters, who can sell your domain name to you or competitors, as well as to resort to the creation of a similar domain name to attract buyers to them.

When creating an online business like any other business you need to familiarize yourself with the laws in every sphere. After all, not knowing the law is not an excuse.

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