Month: July 2014

Wearable Health Apps

Whilst the wearable health apps industry is very much still in its infancy; technology is advancing at a rather rapid pace. This is in part down to the fact that the technology is immensely popular amongst consumers. In fact; it

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Why use Proxies to Browse the Internet

Thousands of people each and every day are accessing the internet by way of a proxy server. The exact reasons for doing this will of course vary from person to person. On this page I want to talk to you

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Google Glass: Latest News

Whilst there is still very much a long way to go for Google Glass to break into the mainstream, the creator of the device and head of the Google X special projects division has already announced his plans for the

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Touch Screen Laptops – Advantages and Disadvantages

The prevalence of smart phones and tablet computers has completely change the way in which we view the humble touch screen. In the past it was nothing more than a luxury reserved for the select view. Nowadays it is something

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