Month: June 2016

The Strangest Health and Safety Cases Around

Health and safety is everywhere, and whilst some people feel it can be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to doing their jobs, it’s important to remember the reason it’s there – to keep you and

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Online Business in Singapore | Respect the Law

All traders must take into account the requirements set out in specific legislation relating to the protection of consumer rights. Law Unfair Contract Terms Act (UCTA), which regulates the exclusions and limitations of liability in most consumer and standard contracts.

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How Not To Be Overwhelmed When Homeschooling

In this article, we are going to look at some tips on how to not get overwhelmed. Procrastination is not your friend.  No matter how tempting it may be to put something off until tomorrow – be it grading an

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Ubers Cameron Poetzscher now VP of corporate development

According to a recent Bloomberg article, the San Francisco-based Uber Technologies Inc. is attempting to raise financing that would cause it to be valued over $10 billion. The company is apparently in talks with several private equity investors about receiving new

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Are Offices Really THAT Much of a Health and Safety Minefield?

We’ve all seen headlines in the press over the past few years about workers banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office or how your desk job could be taking years off your life, so it’s easy to see

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Slogging Is Easier and Affordable Now With Satodi: The Best Utility Program

With the emergence of new media, many people have tons of accounts with a wide variety of websites and it becomes technically challenging for one to register for every site in order to be able to comment on those websites.

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