A Site to Buy Things from for My Horse

I knew that I had the most important horse riding equipment already, like the saddle and bridles. I still had to get some accessories though, which is why I went to the same website where I had purchased my horse riding boots. I had bought them nearly a month ago, and I have worn them every time I have gone out to ride, which is at least three or four times a week. The price was right, and the boots are so comfortable and durable. I had such a good experience in purchasing them that I knew I would be able to get my other accessories and equipment from there too.

The first thing I wanted to get is a massaging body brush. I plan on grooming my horse myself, and I wanted this to be able to massage her at the same time. I know for me nothing feels better than a long massage after a long ride, so I figured the same would probably be true of my horse. I also wanted to get a nice grooming kit that I could pack with me when we went on our overnight trips. I was able to find one pretty fast on this site, and it was at a really great price too for everything that comes with it.

I have two brushes, two combs and a pick, and it really is all that I need when we are away from the stables. I have much more there, but this is fine for those times we are gone just for a night or two. I have actually discovered that I can get just about anything I need for my horse or myself on this website, from equipment for my horse to clothes for me. I have even purchased a horse rug for her from here.

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