Getting an Alarm Seemed to Be a Good Idea After Someone Broke in

As tough as I am, I’m no match for a robber with a gun. That’s what I learned after someone broke into my home, and I felt powerless when it happened. The very next day, I went to the ADT website to look at the different systems that they offer. The man who burst into my home the night before was able to get away before the police could arrive. My worry is that the guy would be back. I knew that I needed to do whatever I could to protect myself in a way that I’m comfortable with.

I don’t like guns because my dad accidentally shot himself with the gun that he had back when I was a kid. Prior to that, I had even gone out with my dad to do target shooting with him. I found it to be a lot of fun. He taught me about gun safety, and he made sure to let me know how important it is to treat weapons with respect. However, one day, he was cleaning his gun and he forgot to make sure that it had no bullets in it. He shot himself in the leg by accident. After that, I wanted no part of using one again.

I was in bed on the night that the robber walked into my bedroom and woke me up by accident. I woke up and was startled enough to jump out of bed. He seemed like he wanted to run at first, but then he stopped himself and demanded money instead. I threw him my wallet, and he ran out. After he left, I realized that he could have shot me because he had a gun in his hand. That was what woke me up to the fact that I needed to get an alarm system that would go off and scare intruders before they can get into my house in the first place.

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