Gun Shopping Online with My Husband

My husband is a huge fan of guns. Our garage is filled with all different types. He has so many that I stopped counting after a while. I know that one area of his collection he is looking to expand is custom Airsoft guns. He first started collecting them a year ago when he saw them at a trade show. Since then, he’s casually been browsing the Internet, looking for his next big purchase. The other day I saw him on this website that had at least 20 different kinds to choose from. Personally, I don’t really know what makes one gun different from the next, but my husband is really into this kind of stuff. He’s an avid hunter, and he has been since he a young boy.

I heard him talking to one of his buddies about all of the accessories that he plans on buying. I didn’t know that they made a lot of accessories for Airsoft guns, but apparently they do. You can buy all sorts of things. They have lasers and scopes that help you focus on your target better. I thought that would be something found on a traditional firearm rather than an Airsoft gun, but I was surprised.

My husband gets so excited when he talks about his hobby, and I’m really supportive of that. In fact, I was actually considering purchasing a gun for myself. I really want to learn more about the sport and why my husband finds it so thrilling. I haven’t told him yet, but I know that when I do he will be really excited for me. Right now he goes out to shoot with his friends, but if I wanted to go out with him, he would ride out there with me in a heartbeat. I’m waiting for the perfect moment to tell him about my decision.

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