I Am Down in Bristol This Week

Of course I am here to see a client and a really important one. He is what you might call a whale I suppose, the sort of account that can make or break your year. I have not exactly been working all that hard to tell the complete truth about it. I spend the morning clay shooting in Bristol. It was like a scene from a movie to be honest. The guy had the traps set up on a formal lawn with all sorts of gardens surrounding it. He made the mistake of wagering with me, because I am extremely good at clay pigeon shooting and I have as long as I can remember. My great uncle taught me how to do it when I was not as tall as a shotgun and he was a really good tutor. In fact for some time he was hoping that I could make the Olympic team, but that required a lot more dedication than I was willing to expend on a hobby.

Still it was really unwise to wager with me and I told the guy as much, but of course the money did not mean as much to him as it might to me. I think he wanted to see if I was going to throw the bet because I wanted to get the contract, but I figured that he would not let something like that interfere with business. A guy like this is not going to let much get in the way of his business, although in truth this is not so big of a deal to him either. He has scores of things that he is involved in and this is really just a minor thing for him. Still he is going to do what is in his best interest.

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