I Am Giving Up Cigarettes

That is not to say that I have kicked the nicotine habit, sadly I am still a slave to the stuff. However I think that I have given up the worst part of the health hazards in cigarette smoke by switching to vaping kits that I bought off of this web site. The plan in the long term is to give the vaping kit up too, because obviously you do not want to be addicted to a vile substance. Nicotine is not safe, although I am pretty sure it is a lot safer than all of the obvious carcinogens like tar and such. They put all sorts of weird chemicals in cigarettes and not one of them has any business in a person’s lungs. So I figure that I will use the vaporizer until I figure out exactly how I can give up nicotine entirely. Already I have tried to quit smoking at least half a dozen times and I have even managed to quit for short periods of time before I relapsed. That is a tough thing, but the urge to smoke is not ever really going away.

I know this guy who quit smoking a decade ago and he told me that if he found out he had cancer, then the first thing he would do is go and buy a pack of smokes. That seems really crazy, but it is not surprising when you think about how addiction works. I know this other guy who told me it was easy for him to quit. He was a really tight guy with his money and there was some guy at the mill who kept begging cigarettes off of him. So he quit smoking just so that he would not be asked to give away a cigarette to some other guy.

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