Learning to Shoot Clay Pigeons with My Wife

When my wife told me that she signed us up for clay pigeon shooting instruction, I was not sure what to make of that. My wife is very petite and feminine, and I just had a hard time picturing her with a gun in her hands. She never fails to surprise me though, so I went along with it with a smile. She told me the morning that we were to learn how to shoot the clay pigeons, so we got into the car and drove to Lady’s Wood. It is not far from our house, but we had never been there before because neither one of us had ever shown an interest in shooting these clay pigeons.

Something piqued her interest though, and I was curious because of how excited she was. We met our instructor within minutes of getting out of our car, and our lessons started right then and there. Seeing my wife hold a shotgun for the first time was pretty amazing, and she later told me she had the same reaction in seeing me handle one. I had shot guns in the past, but she had never seen me with one before.

We learned how to aim and shoot at the clay pigeons, and we even learned a history of the sport, which is quite fascinating. After we learned the basics, we were allowed to shoot on our own, and we both did average at best. Practice does make perfect though, and this is something that we are definitely going to keep practicing at because it is pretty fun to do. It is more than just pointing a gun and shooting. We are shooting at moving objects, and that adds a whole new element of expertise to the equation. We are going to have fun together getting more proficient at this!

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