My First Time for Clay Shooting

When my sister told me she was going to a clay shooting event as part of her company’s team building exercises, I had to laugh because I just could not picture my sister with a gun in her hands. Even when that picture was finally able to come into focus, I couldn’t see her enjoying this sport at all. I had no idea how this could be a team building exercise at all, but she proved my thinking wrong. Once she explained it all to me, I was just really happy that she had fun and was able to grow a stronger bond with some of her colleagues.

What really shocked me with all of this was when she told me she wanted me to go with her. I had finally understood why it worked as a team building exercise, but this was just going to be me and her. I had no idea what was even going through her head. She told me to just trust her though, which I do. She had invited our other sister, our mother and two of our aunts as well. In total, there were six of us, and none of us, other than my sister, had a clue what we were doing.

She had signed us up for a Taster Package. When we got there, there was light refreshments waiting for us. We then had instruction on safety measures for both us as well as the equipment. We were even able to get guns there for the 90 minutes that we were actually shooting. As soon as I shot my first clay pigeon, I was hooked. We were all laughing and surprised at just how fun this was, and I was so glad that my sister convinced all of us to do this. It was our first time out, but it definitely won’t be our last!

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