Success Born from Humble Beginnings

My friends and I came up with a great drink idea one sunny afternoon. I grow fruit in my garden, and while picking some strawberries and blueberries, one of my friends had the idea of combining them with a little bit of cream and honey. I tried it and it was delicious. We thought it was good enough to sell, so we started a company to push our drink idea to the masses. We hired a company for graphic design in Bedfordshire, because our own design team, which consisted of basically all of us, tried to create a logo that would be placed on our drink bottles, but we couldn’t think of anything good.

With the logo done, we went to work on getting the proper documentation squared away to create our business and secure the rights to our logo. We looked into some local companies where we could buy sealable plastic bottles in bulk. We couldn’t just find water bottles at the local store and fill them up, because these bottles didn’t have a protective seal on them that would keep the drinks fresh while preventing others from tampering with them. One company agreed to help us out and we were on our way to making our first sales.

Since we were such a small company, we had to start by making local sales. We handed out some free samples at local events to give people a taste of our drink and sold them there. One people get a taste of our drink, they just have to have more. Price wise, the drink was pretty similar to other drinks that are usually sold at the store, with maybe a lower cost of a few cents, depending on the drink. Word about our drink spread quickly and the local news station even mentioned it.

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