Vaping is Actually Much Nicer Than Smoking

When I proposed to my girlfriend, she told me she would become my wife with one condition. I had never heard of a marriage proposal that came with conditions, but I was game to hear what she wanted because of my love for her. She told me she did not want me to smoke, because of my own health as well as the second hand smoke that our future children would have to deal with. I had been smoking for years, but decided to look into tobacco liquid since she said that was an acceptable alternative.

There was no way I was going to let cigarettes cost me the woman of my dreams, but I also knew that I could not just quit cold turkey. I had tried that so many times before and failed. That is how we came up with the compromise of vaping. I knew next to nothing about it because I had never done that nor had any of my friends or family members. I went online and looked at a vaping website though, and I realized that I could not only keep my promise to my fiance but I would also save a nice amount of money too.

I decided to purchase a starter kit, and it was better than I could have ever hoped for. I thought that it would be a rough transition, but it was actually very easy. One of the things that I like about vaping is the variety in the liquids. With cigarettes, there is just one flavor, and not a good one all the time at that. With vaping, I can have fresh raspberry, fruit salad, New York cheesecake, pear drops and so much more. I am also not using it as much as I did cigarettes, which makes me happy that my now-wife made that condition for me.

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